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Seabury Deanery is a consortium of eight Episcopal parishes in New London County, Connecticut, whose mission is to spread the Good News of Christ and the Love of God in the local community and the world. By joining resources we are able to further God's work through mission projects locally and abroad.


Over the years, Seabury Deanery has been engaged in many various ministries. During the 1980's the Deanery sponsored a School of Religion wherein various classes were held at St. David's Episcopal Church, Gales Ferry, with varying topics and speakers.

In 2006 Seabury Deanery committed to funding the building of a house through Habitat for Humanity. The house was built in Ledyard with participation from all the parishes in the Deanery. Since that time the Deanery has provided ongoing financial support to Habitat from Humanity. For more information contact Habitat for Humanity www.habitatsect.org.

In 2007 the Deanery initiated a new ministry to support the Diocese of Central Ecuador. Bishop Wilfrido Ramos-Orench, former Bishop Suffragan for Connecticut, had been appointed Bishop for the Diocese of Central Ecuador and they were in need of considerable support. The Deanery, under the leadership of the Rev'd Mark Robinson, committed to a mission trip to work on the Diocesan property, La Finca, in Puyo, Ecuador. The Deanery has remained committed to this ministry and recently completed its sixth mission trip in August. In addition to Puyo, mission work has been completed in Quito. For more information select the link for Programs or go to www.ecuadormission.org.

In addition to the ministries listed above, the Deanery supports the Rev'd Valerie Dixon's ministry in York Women's Prison (see Event) and local homeless shelters.