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We invite you to contact us should you have any questions about the Seabury Deanery or its parishes.

Deanery Executive Board

Rev'd Alfred Tisdale - Dean    [ dean@seaburydeanery.org ]
Grace Barnum - Subdean    [ subdean@seaburydeanery.org ]
Ann Cady - Secretary    [ secretary@seaburydeanery.org ]
George Warner - Treasurer    [ treasurer@seaburydeanery.org ]

Calvary Church, Stonington

Rev'd Alfred Tisdale - Rector
Betsy Carr - Representative
Shirley Wick - Representative & Deanery Lay Representative to the Bishop's Diocesan Executive Committee
Mary Hughes - Alternate

Christ Episcopal Church

Rev'd Hugh James - Rector
Dale Eichholz - Representative
Mary Elizabeth Lang - Alternate

Grace Church, Yantic

Rev'd Peter D'Alesandre - Vicar
John Baldwin - Representative
Andrew Rushford - Representative

St. David's, Gales Ferry

The Rev'd Rachel Thomas - Priest-in-Charge
Jill Foster - Representative
Ann Cady - Representative
Steven Forbes - Deanery Representative to the Diocesan Finance Committee

St. James', New London

Rev'd Michel Belt - Rector
Grace Barnum - Representative
Dorothy Sieburg - Representative
Sue Chojnacki - Alternate

St. James', Preston

Rev'd Ronald Kolanowski - Vicar & Deanery Clergy Representative to the Bishop's Diocesan Executive Committee
Rob Peck - Delegate

St. John's, Niantic

Vacant - Rector
The Rev'd Anthony Dinoto - Rector
Rev'd Valerie Dixon - Priest
Rev'd Joan Phelps - Priest
Chester Fairlie - Representative
Joan Fairlie - Representative
Joe Legg - Alternate
Richard Hall - Alternate

St. Mark's, Mystic

The Rev'd Adam Thomas - Rector
Sandra Eddy - Representative
Ernest Adams - Representative